• A achievements. Preparatory Actions

    A.1 Energy analysis of uses and facilities

    Objective: To carry out the energy analysis of the facilities of the Monte da Condesa complex, from the constructive point of view as well as the study of the users and current uses of the building.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions:

    A.1.1 Characterization of facilities. The project has carried out an exhaustive analysis of the initial situation from the compilation of the technical documentation on the building as well as the realization of energy (thermal and electrical) audits in the buildings included in the project.

    A.1.2 Characterization of uses and users. Surveys have been carried out for the users of the Monte da Condesa building, as well as in-depth interviews with the personnel involved, which has identified the main uses of the building, habits of users with negative impact on consumption, as well as failures in the management of the services in the different centres.

    A.1.3 Characterization of the complex. A detailed study of closures and isolation level in the different centres of the University campus was conducted. Thermal studies were also carried out by thermographic camera imaging of the most susceptible areas to produce energy losses.


    - Report / audit of the status of operation of the revised items.

    - Report of the conclusions obtained in interviews and user surveys.

    - Report with the conclusions of the study of the isolation of the building and its losses, divided by centres, sections and uses.

    The results of this phase are set out in document Action Report A1. Building Report.

    A.2 Definition of the Demonstrative Plan

    Objective: Define the final scope of the demonstration project OPERE.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions:

    A.2.1 Definition of energy efficiency improvements. Identification of possible improvements to be applied in the MdC building has been developed, as well as the initial proposal of technical solutions of energy efficiency to be implemented. The tasks of identification of new equipment and of the necessary modifications in the facilities and modes have been carried out in this phase.

    A.2.2 Definition of the electric and thermal smart grid. As a preliminary step to the tasks performed in this phase, the USC systems migrated to the BACnet protocol. The study of the electric and thermal smart grid was carried out, defining its main characteristics, including the schemes of thermal and electrical infrastructures, the ratio of sensors and signals existing before and after the migration to BACnet, as well as the operation of the automation systems.

    A.2.3 Definition of the monitoring system for project monitoring and analysis.  In this phase the architecture of the monitoring system was defined in three layers (data acquisition and storage module, data exploitation module and data visualization and analysis module.


    - Definition of the equipment and necessary modifications in the facilities.

    - Obtainment of the intelligent management system of energy networks, both thermal and electrical, to implement.

    - Obtainment of the monitoring system necessary for the control and monitoring of the new implemented solutions.

    The results of this phase are set out in document: Action Report A2. Demonstration and Improvement Plan.

    A.3 Definition and acquisition of permissions:

    Objective: carry out the management and administration tasks for the handling of the necessary permissions to undertake modifications in the thermal and electrical installations of the MdC building.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions: request of the certificate of facilities issued by the Consellería of Economy and Industry.


    - Certification of new facilities in MdC according to RD/1027/2007.

  • B achievements. Implementation Actions

    B.1 Deployment and implementation of the energy efficiency measures, smart grids and monitoring system

    Objective: to develop the necessary tasks for the deployment and implementation of the energy efficiency measures, smart grid and monitoring system defined in Action A2.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions:

    - Elaboration of engineering projects.

    - Tender for the works of reform of the boiler room of the MdC building.

    - Installation of the necessary equipment.

    - Monitoring and checking the correct installation of the new system.

    - On-site testing of the new system.

    - Implementation of the new system.

    Results: The implementation and start-up were carried out according to the planning of the energy efficiency measures, the smart grid and the monitoring system.

    The results for action B1 have given rise to the following deliverables:

    - Reform Project of the RMC Thermal Generation RMC

    Documentation of the tender of the works of reform of the energy facilities RMdC.

    Graphic document of the reforms and start-up of the energy facilities of RMdC.

    Report Action B1 Depolyment and implementation of energy efficiency measures, smart grid and monitoring system

    B.2 Data analysis and results

    Objective: analyse the data and obtain conclusions on the energy behavior of the MdC complex, in the different planned experiments.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions:

    B.2.1. Identification of relevant information. A systematic review of the buildings was carried out by registering their information, applying correlation techniques and selecting attributes and relevant information, all through the monitoring system responsible for storing and accessing the buildings sensors information.

    B.2.2. Design of experiments, planning and collection of information throughout the project. Experiments and tests were developed to demonstrate that the taken actions have a significant impact on building optimization.

    B.2.3. Data Analysis Tasks. Generation of results reports and conclusions. The "B2/B3 Actions Report.  Data analysis and improvements" report has been generated.


    - Correlations have been obtained in the behaviour of the centres with three other buildings of the USC that provide the same service.

    - It has been obtained the study of the real significance of all the measured variables with the consumption of the building.

    - A total of 12 experiments have been performed and validated 8 validation testing procedures for each saving action.

    - The conclusions report of the analyses tests has been elaborated.

    The results of this phase are summarized in the report B2 / B3 Actions Report. Data analysis and improvements.

    B.3 Optimization of the system

    Objective: define the optimization points of the energy efficiency improvements and the intelligent management system of the thermal and electrical energy networks implemented in action B2.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions:

    - Identification of improvements in new implemented systems.

    - Implementation planning for identified improvements.

    - Implementation of identified improvements.


    - The implementation and start-up of two of the improvement and optimization identified actions (three-way valve implementation and reprogramming of the installation).

    - Obtaining improvement and optimization solutions. Two thermal dynamics of the MdC building predictive models have been proposed. 

    - The system that forms the OPERE project has been obtained optimized energetically.

     The results of this action are described in the report B2 / B3 Actions Report. Data analysis and improvements. 


  • Action D Results. Dissemination and communication of the project

    Objective: To achieve the greatest possible impact in the dissemination and promotion of the project among the main stakeholders, as well as other target audiences that could be identified.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions and results:

    D.1 Project website

    The website was created with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of the project content and its activities beyond the territorial scope in which it is developed. The results achieved include an audience of 14,323 visits and a total of 1,799 downloads. The results of this action are reflected in the document D1 Action Report. Project Website.

    D.2 LIFE + Information Panels

    A total of 8 informative panels in A0 size and in pen board support have been printed, which have been distributed by the different facilities of the two project partners, plus a panel in roll-up format used in the different events of the project. Below are the panels located in the headquarters of the entities that develop the project.

    Panel in IIT - USC

    Panel in Energylab

    D.3 Layman Report

    The Layman Report has been produced. This is an informational document containing, in summary form, an overview of the scope and main results of the project with a view to its dissemination among non-professional public.

    - Layman Report

    D.4 Dissemination plan and communication materials

    The design and elaboration of the Project Diffusion Plan has been carried out. After approval by the communication departments of the two partners of the project, the communication materials associated with the Plan were developed, including triptychs, newsletters, posters, articles and other technical publications and posters. The materials and generated reports related to this action are listed below.

    - Communication Plan

    - Identity Manual

    - Triptych

    Newsletter n. 1

    Newsletter n. 2

    - Newsletter n. 3

    - Newsletter n. 4

    Clipping press


    Technical publication

    - Scientific and informative articles

    - D4 Action Report. Dissemination plan and communication materials 

    - Social Networking Report

    D.5 Dissemination and transfer events

    In this area OPERE developed an intense activity that increased from the second half of the year 2016, since the first results of the project were already obtained. The following sections describe the different actions developed.

    Events organized by OPERE:

    - Opening day and presentation of the project.
    - Local Dialogue Forum. Smart Cities and Communities.
    - Conference "Energy Improvements made in the Monte da Condesa Building".
    - Presentation Life - OPERE in IES Universidade Laboral (OPERE Aula).
    - Presentation Life - OPERE in CIFP Politécnico de Santiago (OPERE Aula).
    - Closing day of the project "Renewal strategies and energy efficiency in the public sector".

    Participation in scientific congresses:

    - Smart Cities & Communities.
    - 8th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence. Personalisation and User Adapted Services, Belfast (UK).
    - International Symposium on IT for Energy applications, Lisbon (Portugal).
    - XX Workshop JISBD -SISTEDES 2015.
    - Advances and Applications of Data Science & Engineering.
    - VI Symposium on Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing (LODISCO 2016).

    Participation in dissemination days:

    - Innovation for environmental improvement in health centres (Life-Boheatlh Project).
    - Demonstrative Day “Inside The Lab” (CITIUS).
    - Dissemination Day "Summer Energy Network" (ICOIIG).
    - Participation Session Posters Susmilk Project.
    - Participation Forum of Entrepreneurship SPIN 2016.
    - OPERE Presentation in XII Annual Congress COGEN Spain.

    Technical Conference:

    - Conference held at the GENERA Fair "The public sector as a driver of energy efficiency in buildings of tertiary uses".

  • E Results. Project management and networking activities

    Objective: ensure the adequate project development to achieve the objectives set, the establishment of a networking community with other projects and entities of interest related to OPERE, as well as extrapolation of the project as an efficient and sustainable solution in the energy management of other centres through the elaboration of a dissemination plan after the end of the project.

    Status: completed.

    Developed actions and results:

    E.1 Project management

    Effective and efficient project management has been carried out, which has ensured the correct project development and the achievement of the proposed objectives following the technical, financial and administrative procedures established a priori, as well as the commitments agreed between the project partners and the European Commission.

    E.2 Monitoring and evaluation

    This action has been implemented through the elaboration of the Evaluation and Monitoring Plan, a document that constitutes the roadmap to follow in the processes of coordination, organization, execution and monitoring of the project in a way that minimizes or eliminates possible deviations that the project could suffer and could be solved if presented. The following documents are the results of this action:

    - Evaluation and Monitoring Plan

    Project Evaluation Report

    E.3 External audit

    In this action, an external audit has been carried out, in accordance with the requirements established by the LIFE + program. The R & D Activities Management Service of the USC has hired an external auditor for the economic verification of project expenses under compliance with applicable national and community legislation on accounting, public procurement, etc.

    E.4 Networking with other projects

    Under this action the project has maintained a constant networking activity with other projects, either through visits to other Life projects related to OPERE or in the organization of field visits to the pilots developed by the project, as well as maintaining a relationship with other project managers through digital media and social networks.

    The achievements of this action include the establishment of relationships with a total of 43 managers of other projects, 11 visits by OPERE technicians to other projects, and a total of 35 visits have been received to the different pilots of the project. At the web level a total of 28 links of other projects have been established in the web space of the OPERE project, also the links section has been enriched with links to institutions of interest and networks of international scope in the field of OPERE activity. The results achieved in this action are included in the following documents:

    List of contacted managers and distribution list

    List of projects and other entities with links in OPERE web

    - Report of visited projects and networking activities

    E.5 Communication plan after LIFE +

    This action details the actions that the coordinating partner of the project will develop in order to disseminate information on the results of the project once it has been completed, in a way that favours the sustainability and transferability of the project results. The result of this action is embodied in the document Communication Plan Post – Life.