Why is the Monte da Condesa Complex the pilot building of the OPERE project?


The University of Santiago de Compostela has an important stock of large buildings, in many cases old, that have associated important energy consumptions. The OPERE project aims to optimize the energy management, both thermal and electrical of this type of buildings and for this has taken the Monte da Condesa Building as a pilot building in which the actions defined in the project can be implemented.

The Monte da Condesa Complex comprises the buildings of the Faculty of Optics, the Faculty of Physics, the Monte da Condesa university residence and the Institute of Orthopedics and the Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank, with the multiple uses of the building (university residence, teaching classrooms , offices, laboratories, cafeteria and university dining room and even blood and tissue bank) the factor that allows to deal in a single project, different problems of energy management derived from the different uses of the building.

On the other hand, the energy requirements of the building that require to have thermal generation facilities for both heating and hot water generation, as well as the presence of a cogeneration facility located in the same building, make the building presents unique characteristics for the development of the project and especially its later application of its results in other buildings of the USC.


In this way, it is guaranteed to obtain a modular and easily replicable energy management system for its possible implementation as a measure of efficiency and energy optimization in other energy-intensive centres.

Within the framework of the OPERE project, the building has been subjected to thermal, electrical and building use and occupancy audits, as well as energy and environmental impact simulations, in order to obtain the optimum combination of actions to be carried out subsequently.

For more information on the building, access the document here Summary Report of the Building.



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