Week of Life+ OPERE visits to European Projects: BOHEALTH, EFFESUS, SUSMILK Y SMARTER TOGETHER


OPERE project finishes a productive week about work meetings with similar European projects. Members of OPERE team have met representatives of European projects  LIFE BOHEALTH, EFFESUS, SUSMILK and SMARTER TOGETHER to spread the project, to engage new synergies and to exchange knowledge, according to E.4 action.


Tuesday, 24th May 2016. Visit LIFE BOHEALTH.

Presentation by OPERE in the final conference on BOHEALTH project. Barcelona.

The conference was about innovation to improve health centres environmentally, showing different projects developed in hospitals or applied to this sector. Juan Arias, responsible for OPERE project, showed the main results as well as its application in health buildings with high consumption. Later, networking among participants was held

El proyecto OPERE completa una semana enriquecedora de reuniones de trabajo con proyectos europeos afines. Como parte de la acción E.4 y con el fin de difundir el proyecto, establecer nuevas sinergias e intercambio de conocimiento, miembros del equipo OPERE se han reunido con representantes de los proyectos europeos LIFE BOHEALTH, EFFESUS, SUSMILK y SMARTER TOGETHER.









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Thursday, 26th May 2016. Work meeting with  EFFESUS project- Consortium of Santiago.


Researchers in OPERE project participated in the meeting to introduce the tool used as support decission in rehabilitation processes  (Decision Support System, DSS), developed for historical city of Santiago specifically within the frame of  EFFESUS project, consortium made up of  23 members of 13 different countries.

Furthermore, technicians who conduct the project were present at the conferences “Compostela rehabilitates with energy”, related to use of energy efficiency so that buildings in historical city of Santiago de Compostela are more habitable.









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Friday 27th of May 2016. Meeting with SUSMILK and SMARTER TOGETHER projects managers. 

The representative from the project, Juan Arias, met Ana Ruiz, SUSMILK project manager, and Daniel Durán, Smarter Together project manager and they exchange their views about development of the projects, good practices for execution as well as analysis of future and possible collaborations. 













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