Thermic generation reform and replacement of distribution pipes which are situated in the “Residencia Universitaria Monte de la Condesa” in University of Santiago.


Expedient nº: 402/15.

State: opened

The presentation of offers is closed: 01-06-2015 14:00

The cost of bidding : 669.307,07 €, IVA not included.

Provisional guarantee: 20.079,21 €.

Execution time: 45 natural days.

Assessment criteria:  See the sheet of specific administrative clauses.

Observations: Financed by the European project LIFE, acronym LIFE-OPERE and code LIFE12/ENV/ES/001173, demonstrative project about energy efficiency which uses the  multiple services building "Monte da Condesa" as pilot programme.

It is unnecessary to submit the B envelope for this expedient.

Technical and administrative sheets:

I Enclosed document: contract specifications.

Administrative Clauses. 

I technical conditions: Project replacement general distributios pipes pertained to plumbing in "residencia universitaria Monte da Condesa”.

II technical conditions: Project to reform the thermic generatios of the building and hall of "Residencia Monte da Condesa” improving the restoration of thermic energy thanks to cogeneration and changing fuel.


Source: Diario oficial de Galicia nº91 del 18 mayo and 

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