Resolution of the researcher selection process. Final scores and selection


In relation to the offer of employment published on December 7th, 2016, for the selection of research staff for the research project "Efficient management of energy networks - LIFE OPERE", in order to carry out the work of analysis, design and development of architecture elements of the monitoring and control system of action B.2 (Data analysis and results) and action B.3 (System optimization), the final scores of the candidates that went to the phase of Interview are:




Candidates Merits 1 Merits 2 Merits 3 Interview   Total     
Fernández Varela, David  15 20 0 20 55
López Rodríguez, Mar 15 20 0 25 60
Rodríguez Cabo, Iago 15 20 0 30 65



According to the results obtained, it is agreed to select the candidate with the highest score for the position of researcher and draw up a waiting list with the next two candidates with the highest score.

Proposed candidate: Iago Rodríguez Cabo 

Waiting list:

Mar López Rodríguez
David Fernández Varela


Santiago de Compostela, December 30th, 2016.

Signed: Juan E.Arias, Project Leader.



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