The reform of boiler room of Monte da Condesa is completed


The UTE who carried out the work, FONCAFER SA - CASTAÑO BASCOY SLU, has reformed the old boiler house building University Residence Monte da Condesa, building pilot of OPERE project.

Sanitary hot water (SHW) service has been available since early September, coinciding with the arrival of residents to begin the new academic year. These works will be finished next September, when all tests are ready.

The reform, according to the project of MAGARAL Company, consisted of some thermal improvements:

  • Replacement of existing boilers and current fuel (diesel) for natural gas.
  • Installation Inertia tanks.
  • Improved recovery of thermal energy from existing cogeneration process.
  • New collectors and valves as well as high efficiency pump and accounting of energy and water consumption for each area separately.
  • ETC.

This will improve the performance of the entire system and comply with OPERE project’s objectives about emission reduction, environmental protection and cost savings, ensuring supply and promoting sustainable behavior.













The door to the left of the image leads to new build-up room and the medium one leads to engine room where the new boilers are located.

SHW batteries, collectors of domestic  cold water (SCW) and some old oil boilers were previously located where much space is now free. Consequently, a better use of space is got after reform.




There were ten diesel oil boilers with very low yields due to the age, before reforming boiler room. These have been replaced by two high efficient bodies of natural gas boilers. 








Five inertial accumulator batteries and five instantaneous production of 5000 liters batteries each one, the heat exchanger cogeneration and Sanitary Hot Water (SHW), Sanitary Cold Water (SCW) and heating, different groups of pressure, pipes, sensors and the necessary system of valves are located in this room.

A huge volume of water will be achieved to make better the use of the recovery of thermal energy cogeneration thanks to integration of these accumulators of inertia and production of instant hot water. So far, it is only available 5 accumulators for SHW 5000 liters.










The OPERE project enters a new phase thanks to new facilities.

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