Published the fourth newsletter of the project


The fourth and final newsletter of the OPERE project describes the activities developed by the project during the last months.

In it you can find information about the data analysis activities of the management system performed, as well as the optimization actions of the system. Also included in this edition are the activities developed by OPERE researchers for the elaboration of predictive models of thermal dynamics in buildings based on artificial intelligence techniques.

Also included in this newsletter are various promotion and dissemination activities carried out in the project, such as the celebration of the third networking panel, the activities carried out in the framework of the OPERE Aula, as well as the day organized by the project "The Public Sector as a dynamizer of energy efficiency in buildings of tertiary uses "in the framework of the Technical Conferences organized by the International of Energy and Environment Fair - GENERA 2017.

Finally, the newsletter echoes the concession to the OPERE Project of the Galicia Energy Award 2017 as the best energy efficiency project by the Illustrious College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia.

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