OPERE at the XII COGEN Annual Congress Spain


On Thursday, October 4th, the XII COGEN Spain Annual Congress took place in Madrid: "The Perspectives of Cogeneration in the New Legislature", whose objective was to determine the challenges facing the sector during the next legislature. The sector has seriously diminished its power in operation, following the measures implemented in recent years to stop the generation of more deficits.

The XII Annual Congress of COGEN Spain has addressed the analysis of the energy policy of the legislature that begins, as well as the situation at the level of the autonomous communities. In addition, the European framework for the cogeneration sector has been analyzed, with particular attention to the German market situation. The day closed with the presentation of different cases of success in the application of systems and cogeneration.

The congress was attended by energy policy responsible from the main political parties, energy development managers from autonomous communities and European opinion leaders on cogeneration.

In this context, Juan Arias presented the Life - OPERE project as a success case in the field of the application of cogeneration systems, since the project focuses part of its work on improving the thermal recovery of cogeneration facilities of the pilot building.



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