OPERE will be in the conference " III Xornadas Técnicas Smart Cities & Communities”


The Life-OPERE Project is going to take part in the presentation "Eficiencia energética en la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela", next November 26th and it will be included in “III Xornadas Técnicas Smart Cities & Communities” in the Congress Palace Mar de Vigo, which is sponsored by the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Knowledge and practical experiences will be shared to contribute to the success of the services for citizens and social, economic and environmental surroundings during these days.  The event combines a free area of exhibition with proposals for important companies in the area of Smart Cities and Communities, and thematic meetings with presentations of independent experts and companies that will induce to the debate about the concept, strategies, trends and the future of the cities and the intelligent communities.  

All information about this conference is now available on www.xtvigo.eu

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