OPERE project collaborates with Consorcio de Santiago de Compostela in FASUDIR project


Life – Opere project technicians have participated in the meeting work of FASUDIR project, where a web tool, which helps to make decisions and achieve energy efficiency in buildings and districts in cities, was showed. OPERE project technicians have collaborated to validate and give ideas to improve and develop the functions of this tool to support energetic management.


The tool, which is very advanced, let know which specific situation about a determined district is according to energetic perspective. It gives some information about characteristics, which have more capacity to produce renewable energy and which have problems, for instance, to make decisions so that owners and tenants can reduce their consumption.


FASUDIR project is an initiative financed by UE through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, which started in 2013 with the participation of 11 members of five countries: Spain, Italy, UK, Hungary and Germany. 


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