Local Dialogue Forum: SmartCities and Energy


Local Dialogue Forum: SmartCities and Energy is taking place on 26 November 2015 at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Issues related to energetic management in smartcities, trends in saving and energy efficiency will be dealt with.


This meeting is supported by Technological Researches Institute in USC as well as  Energylab and Santiago Town Council. Important institutions and firms, such as FAIMEVI, CTAG, SETGA, CO2 SMART TECH, ITG and ICOIIG will participate.


The meeting will start at nine o´clock in Mathematics college and it will be opened by the organizing committee that will introduce Life-OPERE and PLEEC European projects. 


Attendance at the meeting is free, but it is necessary to register for this registration form 


People who are interested in visiting energetic facilities located in Residencia Monte da Condesa, need to point out on registration form.


You can download meeting program here. 







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