Life OPERE project will be showed in Barcelona


Life OPERE project will be showed on next 24th of May in Final Event of  BOHEALTH project in Barcelona “Innovation for environmental improvement in healthcare centre”, which will be held at 9:00 in Association of Technical Industrial Engineers of Barcelona in collaboration with Club EMAS.


Juan E. Arias, responsible for OPERE project, will communicate the problematic which OPERE Project wants to solve by introducing efficiency management systems in thermic and electric energy networks in existing complex with high energetic consumption. Furthermore, objectives and results which were achieved until now will be analysed.


The conference wants to show innovative initiatives to reduce the impact on the environment which health centres have and to share experiences to improve them environmentally. Other European projects related to innovative initiatives applied to the sector to improve health centres environmentally will be showed in addition to BOHEALTH project, such as EU HCWMSMART HOSPITALRESSEPE and OPERE Projects. A practical demonstration about working of the tool called BOHEALTH will be included.




Attendance is free if you register here.


More Information-->> BOHEALTH


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