The Life-OPERE project receives the Galicia Energy Award 2016 for the best energy efficiency project


The Official College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia has just awarded the Galicia Energy Award 2016 to the best energy efficiency project to the initiative Efficient Management of Energy Networks - OPERE, led by the University of Santiago de Compostela in collaboration with the Enerylab technology centre.

The OPERE project aims to implement efficient management systems in energy networks, both thermal and electrical, in USC complexes characterized by large energy consumption. In order to achieve this objective, the project worked on the modeling of the consumption of the building of the University Residence Monte da Condesa of USC and on the application of energy efficiency measures to reduce them, such as the renovation of the boiler room, the change of original fuel (gas oil) by natural gas and the incorporation of inertia accumulator. In addition, the project made a special effort in the use of thermal energy from the cogeneration plant, achieving thermal yields much higher than the electrical yields. Finally, the project also worked on the management of energy demand by applying artificial intelligence techniques for the development of predictive models of indoor temperatures.

The work gave as results, as emphasized by the College of Engineers in the awarding of the prize, a 30% reduction in the energy consumption associated with the thermal generation and 35% in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as obtaining a 35 per cent of economic savings.

The Galicia Energy Awards are awarded by the Galician College of Industrial Engineers and aim to recognize the best trajectories in the promotion and implementation of good practices in the field of energy, as well as the contributions made by professionals or entities. The rest of the winning categories can be seen on the ICOIIG website.


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