LIFE Info Day 2016, Brussels


Life-OPERE project has participated in LIFE INFO DAY - 2016 which was celebrated last 17 June in Brussels.

The event, which was organized by Executive Agency for small and middling companies -  EASME, wanted to show the convocation about Life programme in 2016, its main characteristics and latest news about last convocations.


After Patrick Lambert, director of EASME, welcomed, politic priorities which were established in the action for UE climate were showed by Hervé Martín, Director General of the environment in European Comission.

Then, Angelo Salsi described the main latest news about the Life 2016 programme clearly, where more sustainability and transference will be required in future projects, which will be acepted for call "close-tomarket" Life projects for the first time.

Finally, Fabio Leone and Anne Vermaelen talked about the characteristics which a project needs to get the financing Life, pointing out the preparation so that proposals are admited.



OPERE project participates in this conference and it let members who direct the project give more knowledge about this activity and analyse if the project can  be transferred to other entities and sectors.


LIFE programme is the only financial instrument in European Union which is dedicated exclusively to environment . Its general objective is to contribute to  sustainable development over the period 2004-2020 and to achieve objectives and aims of European Estrategy 2020 as well as necessary strategies and plans of Union about environment and climate.


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