The future under the microscope... Efficient management of energy networks (LIFE+ OPERE), project led by Juan Enrique Arias Rodriguez


Today we are introducing a project coordinated by Juan Enrique Arias Rodriguez, "Efficient management of energy networks (LIFE+ OPERE)", which is carried out by the LABSIS group.

Project: Efficient management of energy networks (LIFE operate)

Main investigator: Juan Enrique Arias Rodriguez

Research group: Labsis

Institution: University of Santiago de Compostela.


The Project

 The project is jointly financed by the European LIFE+ Programme, called “Efficient management of energy networks”. Its main objective is to set efficient management systems in energy networks in existing installations with large energy consumption, in order to reduce the environmental impact, the cost and to increase efficiency. For this, it tries to demonstrate the capabilities of improving the efficiency of old facilities in tertiary service buildings, using and testing a complex pilot plant on a real scale, a set of buildings in Campus Vida. Technology solutions designed in the project will be measured and validated. The project studies implemented thermal and electrical networks, it designs solutions based on infrastructures, technologies available, uses in the buildings and users behaviour, using intelligent monitoring and control systems.


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