The first technical panel of experts of the OPERE project


The first Technical Panel of Experts of OPERE project  was celebrated as part of the C.1. action "Monitoring of the socioeconomic impact of the project" on 21 October. This action aims to determine the effect of the project on the environment and the circumstances in which it is performed. In order to measure the socio-economic impact, the project is planning to choose some panels of experts that will try to decide how important the impact of the project on their environment through some indicators is. 

The meeting took place in the CITEXVI building in Vigo and experts about this project as well as other expert guests related to the energy sector attended. The main objective of the Panel was to have a debate so that participants could validate or suggest alternatives to proposals identified in the project, by studying different strategies which were suggested about energy efficiency raised.

The meeting, which was three hours long, had some very satisfactory results. The consortium LIFE-OPERE thanks experts for their presence and active participation in the Panel. Especially, the project thanks interesting contributions to:

  • Manuel García, Ingeniería Magaral
  • Jose Luis García Angulo, University of Vigo
  • Cibrán Ledo, IMATIA
  • Alberto Méndez, CO2 SmartTech
  • Carlos Rivas Pereda, ELINSA












Source: own elaboration.

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