Life-Opere was visited by Jesús Castro Lozano, Director of the A Coruña Provincial Energy Agency Foundation (FAEPAC), which aims to improve and exploit provincial energy resources, as well as sensitizing local authorities, companies and citizens on the scarcity of energy resources.

Jesús Castro was received by the Director of the OPERE project, Juan Arias, who reported on the objectives pursued by OPERE, the state of progress of the project and the results that are being obtained. As a closing of the visit, the representative of FAEPAC had the opportunity to visit the energy facilities of the pilot building of the project and to know the optimization measures of these facilities in which the project is working.

The aims of FAEPAC are, among others, strengthen and promote technological research on energy and OPERE visit is part of the framework.

Among the activities carried out by FAEPC, it highlights training actions on the rational use of energy, local energy resources and renewable sources. On the other hand, it develops a constant work of diffusion and sensitization on measures that promote the energy saving, directed to companies, local administration and citizens.

From OPERE we thank FAEPAC for the interest shown in the project.


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