The European Life-OPERE project will study the energy efficiency in the tertiary sector


Life+ OPERE is a research project co-financed by the European Commission and coordinated by USC and the technological Center EnergyLab to plan activities in the field of energy efficiency in the tertiary sector, particularly in the building called “Monte da Condesa” in Santiago. Its development will be based on how energy works in this building in order to study the application of technical improvements in its facilities. 

The project will be presented on Thursday 20th during a technical conference that will take place in the main class in Mathematics Faculty from 9.30 hours and it will be chaired by the research deputy Vice-chancellor, Francisco González and Rocío Fernández, general manager of EnergyLab. At first, teachers, such as Juan Arias and José Taboada of USC, Teresa Barral from the Office of Sustainable Development at the USC, and Juan Rodríguez, on behalf of EnergyLab, will participate in the meeting.


Source: Santiago de Compostela, portal de tu ciudad,

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