Call for OPERE Aula


The OPERE Aula is a space that aims to disseminate the OPERE project, its actions and results, providing a formative character, in line with the main activity of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

That is why OPERE opens the call to all training centres, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as other entities that develop training in the field of professional families of electricity, facilities and maintenance, to make known the framework for carrying out the project, the work carried out in it, as well as the results achieved after the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

The objectives of the OPERE Aula are:

  • Disseminate the objectives, activities and results obtained by the OPERE project among the identified groups.
  • Develop sustainable environmental behaviors among identified groups.
  • To publicize the activities developed by the USC in the field of environmental management.
  • To publicize the EU's environmental policies and initiatives in this area.
  • Introduce the European Life + initiative.

The training centres interested in participating in the OPERE Aula will be able to have in their installations with the project technicians who will explain to the students the work developed within the framework of the project, favoring academic development through the presentation of practical examples on the Subject matter of study.

Those interested in participating in this initiative can contact us on 881 816 003 or send an email to

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