International Symposium “Advances and Applications of Data Sciene & Engineering”

14/06/2016 to 17/06/2016

The Life-OPERE project was present at the Symposium on "Advances and Applications of Data Sciene & Engineering" held from 14th to 17th June. Representing the OPERE project, researcher Manuel Mucientes gave a presentation entitled "Prediction of building temperatures for energy" in which he explained the application of intelligent control systems for the management of heating systems.

The symposium was organized by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAI) with the collaboration of the Science and Data Engineering Consortium, the CASI-CAM-CM project of the Community of Madrid (CAM) and the DAMA network of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, with the aim of promoting scientific knowledge and knowing the advances in mass data processing and the application of data mining in the fields of energy efficiency, neuroscience, video surveillance, cognitive health and many others.


Paper “Prediction of building temperatures for energy”

Presentation "Prediction of building temperatures for energy”


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Real Academia de Ingeniería. Madrid