Inside the Lab: Conference about Technology Demonstration


Inside the Lab is an opportunity to show CiTIUS’ capacity to transform scientific results into innovative technologies. Talent and emerging challenges will be combined into one event that will show how CiTIUS technologies are placed in the world’s technological vanguard.


OPERE  project will participate in this conference with a DEMO about Building's Display Energy information. 



  1. From Big Data to Data-to-Text
  2. Advices which help to choose better
  3. Self-care and recommendations for improving adherence to treatment
  4. Are you designing a product? Prediction about consumer tastes preferences
  5. Linguistic technology to extract information in textual magma
  6. Localization and 3D reconstruction of a scene
  7. Process mining: do you want to know what's happening in your business?
  8. Building's Display Energy information
  9. Integrated access to environmental data
  10. Stimation of volume by magnetic resonance imaging 
  11. Applying computer vision techniques to traffic monitoring tasks 
  12. 3D vision for time of flight hyperespectral sensors 
  13. Hyperspectral imaging analysis in territory
  14. Automatic diagnosis of miocardial with ECG
  15. Computer vision for the analysis of microcospic image
  16. Solutions LIDAR transported by air
  17. Spin-off: Situm, indoor positioning
  18. Spin-off: Imagames

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