Experts' Third Panel


Life- OPERE organises the third panel of experts on November 23th, 2016 in the facilities of the Institute of Technological Investigations.

The objective of the panel is to contrast with recognised experts in the field of energy management and the technologies of the information, the developments made by the project in the smart grid and the monitoring system energy, in order to get the maximum optimisation of the solution.

The panel will be opened by the presentation of the Life – OPERE project and it will continue with the presentation of the energy management tools generated in the project, the smart grid and the monitoring system.

Later there will be a visit to the facilities of the pilot building in order to show the installed measurements of energy efficiency. Then there will be a round of speeches to address the themes to be treated.

This event is part of the activities of action C.1. "Monitoring of the socio-economic impact of the project” which aims to determine the impact of the project in its environment, as well as the activities of action B3.


Information directions

Instituto Investigacións Tecnolóxicas C/ Constantino Candeida s/n - Campus Sur Santiago de Compostela