Pollutant emissions production associated with electric and thermal generation in large consumption centres represents an environmental problem. Proper management along with energy efficiency and responsible consumption are the solution to this problem.

According to European Directive 2010/31/EU on energy efficiency in buildings, 40% of total energy consumption in the EU corresponds to buildings and this percentage is increasing since the sector is on expansion. Therefore, reduction of energy consumption and use of energy from renewable sources in the building sector are an important part of the necessary measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. This directive also shows that:

  • It is necessary to lay down more concrete actions to leverage the huge potential for energy savings in buildings.
  • Measures to further improve the energy efficiency of buildings should take into account climatic conditions and local peculiarities, as well as indoor climate environment and profitability in terms of cost - effectiveness.

OPERE project is part of this overall strategy and seeks an energy optimization with energy-efficient consumption.